2015 2015 Tournament Tournament

Mixed Doubles Final 2015

Leslie South & James McKenzie versus Margaux Valarche & Cedric de la Chaise (2)

The mixed doubles final was contested by the unseeded James McKenzie and Lesley South and the second seeds Cedric de la Chaise and Margaux Valarche. Marjan Denis umpired. The match started on court 3 pending the finish of the men’s singles semi-final between Logan Mair and Graeme Pearson, whereupon it moved to court 2 which was much more convenient for the vast majority of spectators.

Although the second seeds had stronger, more powerful strokes and a greater level of consistency than the challengers, there was no doubt that the crowd’s favourite in the match was Lesley, because of her underdog status, uncanny tactical understanding and the ability, while at the net, to place an unexpected winner in places where the more mobile Margaux and Cedric just could not get to in time. This winner was invariably greeted by raucous applause and shouting from an unashamedly partisan crowd who always believed they knew the inevitable outcome of the match and were determined to encourage the underdogs.

As often seems to be the case in matches where the opponents are not evenly matched, Lesley and James put up a good defence in the first set, losing it only 6-3. However, either Cedric and Margaux worked out how to win faster, or James in particular could not keep the required level of intensity up into the second set, which Margaux and Cedric won 6-0 for a 6-3 6-0 title.

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