2021 2021 Tournament League

2021 fixtures

The fixtures over the summer months have been finalised, and can be seen/downloaded below.


The club’s AGM will take place on Wednesday July 21st, at 2015. More information will be announced nearer the time.


The annual Club Tournament takes place over 2 weeks and culminates in Gourmet Dinners week (August 9th-12th) and Finals Day (August 14th).

There are also 3 one-day tournaments throughout the summer.

May 31stBank Holiday American Tournament
June 19thCharity American Tournament
July 31st – August 14thClub Tournament
August 30thBank Holiday American Tournament

Team Matches

Please note that matches played at home will use the grass courts where available, and the hard courts should usually be free for arranged matches. However, in the event of adverse weather, the matches may be moved to the hard courts.

All matches begin at 1830 unless otherwise indicated.

07/05MIABrondesbury II
10/05LIAFinchley II
11/05LIIAFarm Walk I
18/05MIIACumberland V
24/05LIHChandos III
26/05MIIHFinchley I
02/06LIIHGlobe IV
04/06MIHChandos III
07/06LIAFinchley Manor I
07/06MIIATotteridge II
14/06LIIADL Finchley IV
18/06MIAColes Green
23/06MIIHGlobe III
28/06LIIATotteridge V
02/07MIHGlobe II
02/07LIASouth Hampstead
07/07LIIHBrondesbury IV
09/07MIASouth Hampstead I
14/07LIIAAvenue I
16/07MIIADL Finchley I
19/07LIIHOakleigh Park III
27/07LIATotteridge III
29/07MIIACoolhurst III
30/07MIACoolhurst II
04/08MIIHCumberland IV
05/08LIHBrondesbury III
06/08MIHBrondesbury I