2021 2021 Tournament Tournament

Tournament report – Wednesday 4 August

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Today’s matches

Roughly half the total matches have now been played.

There were 4 men’s singles matches today. The first three matches were very one sided affairs. So far, no seed has been beaten in the men’s singles.

Greg Lim, the second seed, beat David Cohen 6-0 6-1 and will now face James Low (7th seed) or Steve Yoo.

Richard Keep, the fourth seed, beat Bruce Rigal 6-0 6-0 and will now face Philip Reid (5th seed) or Jeff Fine.

The unseeded Geoff Isaacs beat Fred Davidson 6-1 6-1, and will now face Logan Mair (3rd seed).

The most interesting match was on hard court 4 (don’t be fooled by the photo), between the unseeded players Jasper Tresidder and Maxi Lampert. Jasper thinks of himself as more of a doubles than singles player stylistically. Perhaps underestimating the demands of singles on a hard court, he had been for a cycle ride beforehand, and had been warming up his serves an hour before the match. The first five games went well for Jasper – he was 5-0 up. But then the preliminary exercise, humidity and required singles exertions got to him and he started to show signs of fatigue, then lost rhythm on his strokes. Trying to keep the points short resulted in more unforced errors and the loss of the next 6 games.

At the point when I enquired about the score, Jasper was 5-6 down. He won the next game to bring up the tie break, which he lost [7-3]. But now Jasper didn’t have enough energy or concentration left in the second set, which Maxi took 6-0 for a 7-6 [7-3] 6-0 victory. Maxi faces Ed Fitzgerald (6th seed) next.