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The American tournament on June 23rd was held in honour of former member Joy Welch. She kindly left the club a legacy in her will, which sponsored the tournament and provided the club with some new garden furniture. In addition, a ‘joie de vivre’ rose was unveiled at the tournament.


A marvellous tea was organised by Lesley, with individual contributions from many members. The tournament was organised ably, as ever, by Peter. Many thanks to both! As our research shows, Cialis is Order Alprazolam Pills, you can take it daily, no more than one pill per day. You can take the drug, including for diseases such as diabetes and prostatitis.

Sultan provided a fitting speech regaling the audience with anecdotes about Joy such as her fondness for gardening and her inimitable style of tennis. She was a multiple champion, winning singles (1960, 1970), doubles (1963, 1970, 1972, 1976) and mixed doubles (1964) to complete the set.

We trust that her memory lives on at West Heath.



Purchasing Xanax Online Legal

Posted Xanax Online RomaniaPosted in Cheap Xanax Necklace

2017-07-29 15.38.55

Entries for the West Heath Club Tournament are now OPEN! You can enter by sending an email to Sultan or by putting your name on the list in the clubhouse (located on the door to the garden).

Please write your name and your partner’s name clearly.

Deadline for entries is Monday 9th July; the draw will be finalised by Thursday 12th July. Please make sure you are available to play your matches – Finals day is on Saturday 28th July and the schedule for quarter and semi finals is attached to the club house door.

The entry fee is £3 for one event, or £5 for more than one event. Please pay promptly to Moira or Marjan.

Best of luck!

Tournament rules

The Tournament officially begins on FRIDAY 13th JULY and the FINALS will be played on SATURDAY 28th JULY. If rain prevents play, the FINALS will be played on SUNDAY 29th JULY. The Draw will be up by TUESDAY 10th JULY to allow competitors to arrange matches during the week. First round matches must be played before or on SUNDAY 15th JULY

A chart of available court times is drawn up and competitors are asked to book the courts they intend to play on.

The players whose name appears in the top half of the bracket are initially responsible for challenging their opponents.

The tournament is to be played on all the courts, apart from the semi-finals and the Finals, which will be played on grass, unless the weather does not permit. In the event of disagreement between the opponents on the surface to be chosen, this will be decided by the spin of the racket.

New balls will be provided for the FINALS.

All rounds are to be played within the scheduled time indicated at the top of each draw sheet in order to allow smooth progress. Extensions will only be permitted in exceptional circumstances and with permission from the joint Referees.

All matches will be the best of 3 Tie-Break Sets except the DOUBLES EVENTS which will have the 3rd set as a MATCH TIE-BREAK (i.e. Champions T/B with a Team reaching 10 points with a margin of 2). The rules of the Tiebreak are displayed.

All matches must be continuous and appeal for bad light will be considered after 9.00pm.

Please give your Entry Fees £3/£5 to Moira or Marjan.

Competitors are expected to volunteer to be lines persons on Finals day.

Mixed Doubles Final will be scheduled for Thursday 26th July

The schedule for 2nd week is fixed with Gourmet Dinners.

The Joint Referees are Marjan and Sultan whose decisions will remain final.